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T8s and FO mystery solved

Grainger helped me out with the F0 designation that Erik wrote about for
"new" T8 lamps. The designation may be brand-based and used only by
Sylvania. Notice I've used qualifiers ("may") because I haven't looked up
all possible lamp designations.

A fluorescent lamp designation usually starts with something like F25. The
F stands for fluorescent and the number for the wattage of the lamp.

It seems that Sylvania uses F0 for what is commonly accepted as the
standard for energy-efficient T8 lamps today. These are the lamps that need
to be run with matching electronic ballasts. A Sylvania F025 is equivalent
to the General Electric F25 with the additional designation of SPX. It
seems that Philips adds TL7xx instead of using F0.

So the lack of an F0 in the lamp designation is not necessarily an
indication that a lamp is not the current energy-efficient standard. That
is, an energy-efficient T8 does not have to have F0 in its designation.

Greg. Tong
gtong at sirius_com

"Often, the things that change are less interesting than those that stay
the same."--Aaron Fleisher