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Re: CO2 myth and Anubias question

Olga wrote:

>I think I'm right about the CO2 and light though, am I not? They go
>together and adding CO2 won't do much without good light, no? For the
>record my plants do okay (Java Fern, Moss, CT and twisted val) -- slow but
>okay -- with low light and no CO2. I use Tropica Master Grow fertilizer in
>there. What's the word out there on Anubias? Do they do well in cold/cool
>water? I'd love to put some in but don't want to kill an expensive plant.

You're definitely right about the CO2 and light.  I've experienced this myself
and there is enough literature on this to show that the #1 factor is the amount 
of light (there *is* a saturation point, however).  After that, CO2 levels,
substrate, and water parameters seem to fight for 2nd place, none absolutely
taking it for sure.  

On Anubias...I have some A. nana (actually A. barteri var. nana) and 
A. congensis (actually A. heterophylla) in a 10 gal tank that has a 60Watt 
"Gro-Lux" incandescent bulb over it and a bunch of houseplants.  The tank 
temperature swings between 70 and 72 degrees.  They're doing alright.  The
Tropica website says that A. nana likes 20C-30C (68F-86F).  I don't think 
you'll have problems with Anubias in a goldfish tank unless you go below 65F. 
If you're going to push them, they'll do better if you gave them more light.