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CO2 myth and Anubias question

I wrote:

>>I'm not sure how beneficial this will be with only a little over one watt
>>per gallon of light. Also remember that the goldies need LOTS of oxygen and
>>this will cut their oxygen at night.

Carlos wrote:

>Careful here.  Under normal conditions, dissolving CO2 into the tank will not
>drive out oxygen any more than dissolving salt into the water does.

I worded this badly and am aware that CO2 does not drive oxygen out. I keep
goldfish and as the water warms in the summer it is noticable that the fish
are gulping more at the surface. So I run air through the venturi of the
power filter to add extra oxygen in the summer therefore driving off any
CO2 quickly that might happen to be there. Let's see -- I'm trying to say
that I don't use CO2 because there wouldn't be much point due to low light
and surface turbulance and that if I wanted to add it I would cut the
venturi air bubbles and so adding it would cut my fishes oxygen. Now,
that's clear as mud, isn't it? :) I reply to these things at work and as
work is busy right now I sometimes don't take the time I should.

I think I'm right about the CO2 and light though, am I not? They go
together and adding CO2 won't do much without good light, no? For the
record my plants do okay (Java Fern, Moss, CT and twisted val) -- slow but
okay -- with low light and no CO2. I use Tropica Master Grow fertilizer in
there. What's the word out there on Anubias? Do they do well in cold/cool
water? I'd love to put some in but don't want to kill an expensive plant.

in Vancouver