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Re: Triton Bulbs

> Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 13:11:58 -0700
> From: "Sherlock W. Wong" <wong at dt_wdc.com>
> I recently bought some Triton 36inch 30W bulbs that
> are 1 inch in diameter because they were on sale.
> I read in a posting that not all 1 inch diameter bulbs
> are really T8 bulbs, they might be T12's.

All 1.00" bulbs are T8 bulbs (8/8ths in diameter).  
All 1.25" bulbs are T10 bulbs (10/8ths in diameter).  
All 1.50" bulbs are T12 bulbs (12/8ths in diameter).  

All T8 bulbs are NOT the newer energy-saving, higher efficiency bulbs.

> So the question is: what type of ballast should I use
> on these Triton's? 
> 	- 30W T12 with T8 endcaps
> 	- 30W T8 with T8 endcaps

A ballast designed for a standard 30W bulb would be correct. Some 30W
bulbs are not "rapid start" and may need a starter.  T8 endcaps would
be appropriate.