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Re: Triton Tubes, T-8; T-12


Triton Tubes (manufactured in the England) are only available in T-8 and
T-12.  Japanese tubes are 1 inch.

Triton 15 watt, 30 watt (36 inch tube) and 25 watt (30 inch tube) are all
T-8 in the U.S.  The 24 inch 20 watt and 48" 40 watt are both T-12.  In
Europe, most of the tubes are T-8 from Triton.  It's that way in the U.S.
because of our ballasts.

The 25 watt 30 inch Triton is not easily found but probably available from
mail-order houses.

All of these tubes are all very effective for aquatic plants.