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CO2 Controllers

George wrote:

>>A good needle valve is fine for short term regulation.  Unless you are
very lucky, you will not be able to find that "sweet spot" where the
long term CO2 input exactly matches the long term CO2 usage by plants
and loss to the atmosphere. And, if you're clumsy like me, you'll
probably bump the needle valve when you remove the regulator to refill
the tank and will have to readjust, probably the day after you finally
found the sweet spot <g>.>>

Interesting.  I must have gotten lucky and found the "sweet spot" :-)  I
have an old Sandpoint Genesis II CO2 system.  I couldn't afford the
controller at the time, so I just set it up and adjusted the needle
valve to the desired flow rate.  I have had a very reliable flow (for
three years running) which I adjust no more than once every month or so,
and also when the CO2 bottle runs out.  The problem that I was slow to
catch on to was pH probe drift (mine is the Pinpoint pH monitor).  I
have very significant drift (0.2 and more in just a few weeks).  I
calibrate the pH monitor at least once a month.

Erik:  I couldn't quite picture how you adjust the Nupro B-4MG2 valve
for the "fully closed" position.  I would hate to break mine right out
of the box!  Loosen the hex nut for the knob and do what???  Thanks.

Steve Dixon