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aquarium CO2 in Israel

>Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 11:15:57 -0700
>From: morpaz <morpaz at inter_net.il>
>Subject: getting a co2 system
>Hello all,
>    This is the first time I am posting so I hope
>I'll be O.K.
>    I am interested in setting up a "Dutch aquarium" (I
>think that is the right term for a plant only tank),

Hi Aurit,
A small number of fish will help provide plant nutrients.

>My problem is nobody in Israel seems to have even heard
>about a co2 pump.

I suppose it all depends on who you've been asking...
Here in Jerusalem, I know of a few "in the know".  I have myself used
a DIY (do it yourself) CO2 system, using a yeast (*shmarim*) culture.
The plant FAQ describes how to make one.  If you need more
information, contact me directly (off the list). I may be setting up
a more techie CO2 setup eventually.

>    Does any one have an Idea of a mail ordering place that will also
>send to Israel??!!

I have successfully ordered to Israel from "That Fish Place" in the
US.  Postage is expensive, however.  If you have a friend in the US
coming to Israel, it is much cheaper to send it to them to bring to

What I can't get ahold of, and nobody has heard of here, is laterite!
The best substrate I've been able to get ahold of is a Dennerle
product called "Deponit" which (according to the inclosed brochure)
is a mixture of peat containing humus bacteria, natural clay (the
elusive laterite!!?), mineral soil, and trace elements.  Expensive,
though.  : ^ (

>thank you in advance

You're welcome,
Moshe Davis
Moshe Davis
<davis at sefer_org>