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Re:algae in my goldfish tank

Thanks Olga. I suspected the sunlight might be the culprit. This weekend
I'm going to cover the end of the tank. The front will still get some
sun, but none directly. As for snails, I've been avoiding those because
I've heard they can easily take over your tank. Have you found this to
be the case? I don't know if you could send any to me or not, I live in
California. What do you think? If they haven't been a problem for you,
I'd love to get some! Also, so far my anubias are doing well, except for
the algae, and have put out several new leaves. They're so lovely and
green at first, it's horrible to watch them get covered in black gunk.
Fortunately, my water doesn't get very cool except at night. I think I
will discontinue the CO2. Does everyone else think my light levels are
too low to warrent CO2 use? I've got 1.5 watts a gallon on a 25 gallon