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bubbles from substrate

I to am having some bubbles come out of my substrate.  I set up my tank
about 2 months ago.  The tank is a all-glass 150.  The substrate is 2
large containers of "substrate gold", and 200# of fine red flint gravel. 
Tank is at about 6.2-7.0 PH, 82 degrees, 280W of flourcent lights.  I use
CO2 and PMDD, I hav'nt been doseing much with the PMDD because it does not
seem to help too much.  I mean that the plants do not bubble when I add
the PMDD, but after water changes the plants always bubble.  Maybe I just
dont have enought lights yet for PMDD.  Currently lighting is supplied by
4 40 and 4 30W tubes.  I plan on replacing the 4 40's with 3 175W 5500k
MH, and 2 40's Chroma 50.  I already am using 2 Chroma 50, with some wide
spectrum tubes.  I hav'nt been able to smell the bubbles to see if there
is a sulfer smell because I have so many lights on top of the tank it's a
pain to remove the light and get to to bubble.  The bubble will be gone by
then anyways.  The tank is inhabited by 11 juvinal discus, 6 skunk
loaches, 4 zebra loaches, 3 orange finned blue loaches, 3 kulli loaches, 4
panda cories, and 2 unknown cories(brownish in color with a green sheen
over it), 2 royal plecos, 8 ottos, 2 sunset gormies, 2 weather loaches, 1
keyhole cichlid, and a head and tail light tetra.  Plants are Cambola,
Wisteria, some Vails, some Crypts, Java Fern, and Java moss.  Everything
except the Vails are doing good, I think the Vails just need more light. 
Everyone seems to be doing fine, so do I need to be concerined about the
bubbles?  Thanks

Tony Tam