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Re:Nupro Needle Valves

I have the current catalog sheets on the Nupro Needle (metering) 
valves and I thought I should share some of the relevant information. 
 The M series have a maximum Cv(flow coefficient) of .03 with an 
orifice of 1.42mm while the S series have a maximum Cv of .004 with an 
orifice of .81mm.  It would seem the S series would be the valves to 
choose.    The 4mg2 has a  " male nps connection and the 4mg is a " 
Swagelok connection.  In the S series SS4 is the " Swagelok 
connection and SS-SVR4 is a " male VCR  connection.   Both series 
come in stainless steel and brass - I don't know which would be