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H2S Good or Bad?

        I set up a new tank about 10 days ago. For the substrate I used
dirt ( red stuff from Sedona AZ. I figured it probably contained a lot of
Iron?) mixed with #3 and course aquarium gravel, in a ratio of about 1 part
dirt to 8 parts gravel. The tank is 185 gallons, and the substrate is 4 to
6.5 inches deep. 2/3 gravel  mixed with dirt, and the top 2 inches washed
gravel. I have a 250 watt dupla cable which is on all the time, keeping the
tank at about 82 degrees. I initially planted the tank pretty densely, with
mostly bunch plants and swords.
        Today I noticed random bubbles escaping from the gravel. When I
disturbed the substrate more bubbles escaped; the odor smelled a little
sulfurish. I figure I probably have anaerobic areas and, I am producing
        Is this REALLY BAD? DO I need to start over again, before my
investment in plants disappears, - using something safer like laterite?
        Or perhaps this is a good thing that will reduce the nitrates?
        Is this condition dangerous to the fish. So far the four small
discus in the tank look happy!
        Thanks for any advice you can give me on this matter.