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Algae in goldfish tank

Jessica wrote:
>Subject: algae
>Hi, I'm having a terrible algae problem in my 25 gallon tank....
>Lighting: 2 15 watt lights (cannot be increased, built in to Eclipse
>hood) on 12.5 hours a day.

Cut your light down for awhile till the algae is under control.

.... I am attempting a CO2 DIY
>thing, but it isn't very successful, I'm going to check for leaks this

I'm not sure how beneficial this will be with only a little over one watt
per gallon of light. Also remember that the goldies need LOTS of oxygen and
this will cut their oxygen at night.

 One side of the tank receives a lot of natural sunlight, so I'm
>going to buy a nice piece of black cloth and let it hang on the side to
>keep light from penetrating from the window.

Uh oh -- this will do it. You can let the sun shine in and have the lights
off  during the period it's there. Having them both will be a bit much.

 Anyone see anything else I
>could do to cut down on algae?

Yes. I have a 30 gallon goldfish tank with Java Fern, twisted val, and CT
with one 15 watt light. I was always scraping algae, mostly the nasty
brownish stuff with some green higher near the light (my tank is a tall).
Then I got a handfull of Ramshorn snails from a friend and now my tank is
sparkling all the time. Where do you live? Perhaps I could send you some.

BTW, I would stick with Java Fern (Looks very nice on some driftwood), the
water sprite or it's look-alike, CT, and some of the vals that like cold
water. I can't imagine being able to grow the other things with much
success. Anubias are tough but they come from Africa and I suspect will be
unhappy in cold water. Anyone else??

in Vancouver