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Nupro Needle Valves

> From: "Dixon, Steven" <stdixon at bechtel_com>
> Subject: Nupro Needle Valves
> I was looking for a supplier for the Nupro B-4MG2 needle valve for a new
> setup and noticed on George's site that he had been trying to track down
> sources as well.

I picked up a couple of these for my two tanks recently.  I noted in the
paperwork that these valves are designed not to close completely, so I
added a couple shutoff valves as well strictly for ON/OFF control.

I discovered, to my dismay, that the fully closed position on the Nupro
valves yield to many bubble per second to count at 10 psi, and I have had
to resort to playing (tediously) with the (rather course) shutoff valves to
get it down to a couple bubbles per second.

I see these valves recommended quite frequently.  Has nobody else
encountered this problem?

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