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MH lighting in the UK


I work in Horticulture here in the UK so I was going to go through a horticultural wholesaler to get a light, they are cheaper but a lot bulkier. Then my brother (thanks Paul) took me to a hydroponics shop. It was great, fantastic, super & unbelievable. They sell a better range of lights than the couple you might see in a local aquatic shop. The prices are a bit cheaper too (I suppose they sell more and so can reduce the prices). Because people use them for plants indoors they seem to be better designed than the ones you usually see for sale. Have a look in the yellow pages for your local shop. if you have no luck mail me and I will look in my hydroponics magazine for one near you.

>As MH lighting appears to be very expensive in the UK & on the continent,
>can anyone advise me of eg. a commercial supplier of Metal Halide bulbs &
>fixings ? - preferably in the UK ? Who else uses MH other than fish keepers ?


mailto:b.giles at netcomuk_co.uk