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Components/cost of salt

     >Have you checked the ingredients of the sea salt you're using? Is it 
     >pure salt or one one of those marine salt mixes that stores sell with 
     >other additives? For a freshwater tropical tank, you can save a lot 
     >of money just by using plain, uniodized salt--rock salt, kosher salt, 
     >swimming pool salt,...
     Those "other additives" in marine salt mixes are mostly carbonates, 
     sulfates, and chlorides of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, 
     respectively.  These elements are rather important to plants and fish, 
     not to mention their role in the buffering capacity of water.  Also, 
     as marine salt mixes are about $1/pound, I don't see where anyone can 
     "save a lot of money" by using rock salt, especially when it is doled 
     out one tablespoon (~10 grams, or 1/45 of a pound) at a time.  
     Wouldn't that be approximately $0.02 per dose?
     Unless my morning coffee hasn't taken effect yet, I cannot think of 
     any advantage to only use pure NaCl to reconstitute RO water.  
     Kind regards,