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Re: Phosphate/nitrate chemistry. A puzzle?

> I have a minor problem which I have been puzzling over for several
> months. I been keeping a 75 gallon and a 29 gallon tank,  both heavily
> planted, and both containing fish for over a year. I regularly exchange
> with RO water supplemented with 1 tblsp  sea salt and 0.5 tblsp sodium

Have you checked the ingredients of the sea salt you're using? Is it pure
salt or one one of those marine salt mixes that stores sell with other
additives? For a freshwater tropical tank, you can save a lot of money just
by using plain, uniodized salt--rock salt, kosher salt, swimming pool salt,

Greg. Tong
gtong at sirius_com

"Often, the things that change are less interesting than those that stay
the same."--Aaron Fleisher