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Re: Photos

My 2 cents wort.  As with any photography lighting is the key.  And
artificial lighting can be difficult.  Flashes are great, but you do need
more then one and slaved together is the way to go, oh yea off camera.  But
you can also add a few spot lights and anything else you can get your hands
on.  Just try to get something close to daylight spectrum as that's what the
film is looking for.  I have one flash, off camera of my SLR, and manage to
get a few good shots every now and then.  But my tank is small, a 35 hex.
Therefore the surface area I am shooting is small too.  I just tried last
night to get my new 4 ft long tank.  We'll see:)  The other thing I noticed
is a little selected pruning is helpful.  I tried a before and after
trimming shot once.  The after trimming shot looked pretty good, but the
before was not that great.  The biggest plant that was trimmed was the
pennywort, Hydrocotyle leucocephala.  It was a mess and all that light green
foliage saturated the film.  The tank had a green hue to it and was further
degraded buy the camera correctly exposing all the Pennywort and nothing
else.  But to reiterate, lighting is the key, enough of it evenly
distributed all across the tank.  I think one of my next experiment may be a
flash reflector.  Something to bounce the flash from, mylar maybe, that
would help me distribute it over a larger area, and avoid hot spots.  I just
thought why not just bounce it into the hood, oh well next time.  

See ya,