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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #941

Hello peoples,
   Few questions.  The background, newly setup 90 gal tank, 3 weeks old.
Laterite(Thiel) 2-3 mm gravel, 240 watts full spectrum no flor(chroma
50/daylight deluxe)14 hr/day, PMDD 1 tsp(5ml) daily and it is mixed with
potassium sulphate, I added about 1/2 tsp potassium nitrate twice now
directly to the tank. Oh yeah and there are a few (10) Plantabs atop the
laterite.  Heavily planted with a lot of different stuff:)  2-3 different
swords about 8 total, 3 different Crypts about 6 total, Elodea, Pennywort,
Ludwigia repeans, 4 Anubius frazzeria and nana, Cabomba caroliniana, bacopa,
Hygro P, Sunset hygro, Hygro diformis, 2 java furns, and a bunch of other
things I am forgetting at the moment.  Ordered some foreground stuff and a
few Vals and that will round it off:)  pH 6.8, nitrate = 0, Ammonia = 0,
trace of Nitrite, CO2 = 15-20 ppm, temp = 79, Iron low on the Red sea test
   I think I am having a nutrient deficiency issue, but with all the PMDD I
am adding I am not sure.  I noticed the Ludwigia first, and now a few swords
and kind of the sunset Hygro.  Their new growth is curled and brittle.  It
seems also to be slightly stunted.  The hygro poly seems fine, while the
diformius has not really grown at all.  Now on the other hand the Melon
sword is incredible, and the Cabomba and Elodea have grown 14 inches in a
week.  Everything is sending out new growth and bubbling away.  The Bannana
plant exploded the other day, and the anubius is growing fast for an
anubius.  Some of the swords and crypt roots have made it to the bottom of
the tank, while the tops are putting out new leaves like crazy.  
   Overall I am happy with the results thus far.  The stunted Ludwigia
repeans is annoying and the sunset Hygro is a little discouraging as that
pink color is nice.  The sunset leaves are not as curled, but very thin,
pale, and the internodes are like an inch and a half, while it has reached
the surface(24") it is strangely.  I was a little frugal with the PMDD for
the first few days, but about a week after planting I noticed this and
increased the amount.  I think I am seeing an improvement and I may be a
little premature in this question.  But I would like to get it fixed before
a problem arises.  
   Oh yeah there is drift wood in the tank that was moldy for a week then
one day it disappeared.  I did add a thin layer of Greensand at the very
bottom of the tank.  And there are currently about 40 inches of fish in
there but the problems showed before the fish.  And I think I am not really
nitrogen limited as the ammonia levels are down to 0 after only 2 weeks:)
But maybe I am wrong.  and the filtration is 2 Aquaclear 300s.