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RE: trimming Heteranthera zosteraefolia

> I have a nice patch of H. zosteraefolia in the front of my tank. I've 
> keeping it in a short cushion rather than letting it get tall and it 
> to do very well like that. Now it is getting very thick and spreading.
> It's a touchy plant with brittle stems and the leaves seem to damage 
> and go black. Does anyone know the best way to cut it back without 
> the effect? Thanks for any input.

Trimming H. zosteraefolia has always been a challenge for me as well.  For 
me it grows fast enough that I can whack it back and it fills in quickly. 
 The bigger problem for me is that it likes to float.  Stargrass must be a 
very buoyant.  As the top fills out and becomes larger it eventually 
uproots itself and floats.  One benefit of it floating is that it almost 
instantly flowers and does so continuously until I replant it.

It's a lovely plant though if you can get it to look the way you want.