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Re: large tanks/metal halides

Re:   large tanks

The difference between good large tanks and marginal ones is the thickness
of the glass. Thicker glass results in greater surface area of the
siliconed joints.  Cheap tanks use thinner glass and are prone to failure
of the seams.  Oceanic tanks use extra thick glass and come with a lifetime
guarantee.  Perfecto tanks use thinner glass and have a shorter (a couple
of years?) limited warranty.  I own several large Oceanic tanks and highly
recommend them.

Re:  metal halide lighting

I have an 84" x 24" tank which I light with three 175 watt 5500k metal
halide pendants.  Light intensity seems adequate.  Rotala macandra achieves
a bright red coloration.  Since most tanks this size have a center brace,
the idea of using a 250 watt in the center to shoot through the brace is a
good one because it's difficult to keep these absolutely free of water
deposits etc.