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Re: Aquarium photography


On Friday, Khew wrote:

> Taking the "cue" from Mr. Amano of ADA fame,i was fortunate,recently.to
> have observed him at work,taking some of his superb photographs.

I too am interested in aquarium photography and have gotten some tips
from Amano.

> What he had were synchronized flashes (about 3-4 individual flashes for a
> 4ft. tank) mounted ABOVE the "model" tank. In addition,there were another 2
> more of those synchronized flashes mounted at the rear of the tank too.
> I'm an amateur who uses ONLY auto focus,so i won't go into the details of
> the make of the flashes nor the type of custom made camera Mr. Amano uses!
> :-P Also,because,i just simply DON'T KNOW :-P

Mr. Amano uses a 4x6 format camara generally.  This means that the
negative is actually 4x6 cm as opposed to the standard SLR (Standard
Reflex Lens) 35 mm negative.  This larger size gives you much more
detail, however, some 35mm films are truly very very similar in detail
than the 4x6 (Kodak Royal Gold 25).  

Mr. Amano uses very slow (ISO) slide film (positive film).  He uses
Fuji.  I like Fuji because it gives wonderful bright colors.  However,
with such slow film, you need TONS of light.  This is the reason for the
above mounted lights.  Your regular tank lights will not be enough.  I
would compensate with the harsh blue flashes by using a warm filter
(81A).  Also, on a 35 mm SLR, I would also use a polarizing filter to
avoid any problems with glare from the tank glass.

> Hope this helps....hmm...now u'd need to buy a detachable flash gun to go
> with your camera,then a camera stand...now u'd need a better camera,better
> lenses........now u have a NEW hobby....photography!!! :-O

Yes, it is a whole new hobby.  However, to get good quality pictures, I
think that one can get away with a standard SLR and a few extras (a
tripod however is a must).

Art Giacosa