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Sudden death


Hi All!

I have been keeping a planted tank where my Discus and angel were guests!

Tank Size 48"  (24" deep) lit with 4 Flourescent tubes (4 ft, 38 watts).
Two gro lux and two Phillips true light 6500 K.  The pH of the water was at
7.83, soft (filtered thru Peat).  Nitrite and ammonia nill.  The tank had
fully cycled.  (6 months since set up).   

I assembled my own CO2 cannister to boost my plant growth which is already
quite lush.  I suspect my regulator was set too fast.  30 Bubbles a minute.
 Overnight the pH dropped to 5.2 and all the Fish were dead!  

Did the pH drop or CO2 concentration kill the Fish!?!?

As yet the Plants seem none the worse for it.   

I have taken corrective action-  Some massive water changes and turned off
the CO2.

Now I am scared to either put new fish in it or start up the CO2.  

Any advice would be apprecited!  Has any one had such experiences with CO2
getting out of hand?

Kamlesh Oza
kpoza at giasbm01_vsnl.net.in    
Kamlesh Oza
kpo at giasbm01_vsnl.net.in