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Metal Halide fixtures

        I have just set up a 185 Gallon tank (72X24X24) with an open top,
with  3 Metal Halide fixtures. The overhead space was limited, and I could
not fit  "hamilton style" pendant fixtures. I found a fixture called the
Black Max which is about half the size of the hamilton fixture.( it is
availble from AquaticTech at:WWW.AquaticTech.Com). The price is around
        The bulbs used in these fixtures are from EYE, a Japanese
manufacturar.(The US office is in Ohio.) The fixtures come with 150w; 6500K
lamps, but the lamps are also availble in 3500K or 4500K. All three color
temp lamps have a cri of 96!, and initial lumens of 11,000. I found the
6500K too blue for a plant tank and had AquaticTech change them to 4500K
for a nominal fee. Three lamps are a bit of an overkill for a 72" tank, two
would have worked fine. For an 84" tank, three 150w or 175w fixtures should
do the trick.