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pH staying at 7.5

Check your substrate if you cannot get your pH to stay lower than 7.5.  

I found it impossible to get a stable pH lower than that at the Aquarium
Center, even when using pure rain water. Our Iowa gravels have a LOT of
limestone. Raises Cain with trying to keep acid loving plants or fish, unless
you are willing to get epoxy coated stuff or use something like chicken grit.

Easy test - pour a little household vinegar onto a small quantity of the DRY
substrate. If is foams or bubbles, you have some limestone in the substrate,
and it will be very hard to keep a low pH. If you get no bubbles, and you
have a stronger acid, you might use it, also - but if vinegar foams, you
don't need to try anything stronger. 

Hope this helps.


Jean Olson
JOlson8590 at AOL_com
Out in the Boonies, near
Cambridge, Iowa