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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #932

In a message dated 97-09-03 03:20:34 EDT, Jessica wrote:

<<  I have set up a DIY CO2 injection on my
 25 gallon goldfish tank and am not having good results. I can see
 bubbles in the airline, and if I shake the solution, they rush up to the
 tank, but they don't seem to get to it very well otherwise, and
 certainly I'm not getting a fine stream from the airstone, even when the
 solution is new >>

I'm wondering if your're getting back pressure from either the airstone or a
small amount of water that is trapped in the airline between the bottle and
tank.  I recently set up a DYI system and had the latter problem.  I'm
running my airline into the cap on the tubing end of an IV set (the needle
end was cut off and discarded). the cap reduces to a length of tiny diameter
tubing (part of the IV set) that runs into the impeller housing of a microjet
powerhead in my 20H tank.  Works great, but ANY water in the airline shuts
the CO2 flow down almost completely.   If you get a blast of gas when you
disconnect the airline at the bottle cap, this may be the problem.

Pete Mohan