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Sherlock W. Wong asked:

> Does anybody have any experience with electronic ballasts
> from Hamilton Technology? I was considering using their
> "More Power" ballasts of Coralife's "Wizard."

I understand from a conversation that I had with the folks at Hamilton
Tech a few months ago that they stopped using the Wizard ballasts with
their "More Power" lights.  They were experiencing major problems with
failures and returns etc, and switched to a different ballast. You might
want to give them a quick call and check on that.  I would be cautious
about using a Wizard ballast based on their experience, but who knows it
might have just been a bad batch.  

Otherwise I've been pretty pleased with the folks and product coming out
of Hamilton Tech.  If you hear anything different I'd be interested in 
learning about it...  
Dan Cole, Mail Order Pet Supplies
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