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Flourite substrate

Having just tore down my 26g tank, replacing the gravel with
Seachem Flourite. Flourite looks like normal natural gravel, but
is made of a special clay. The gravel has reddish brown pieces,
and black pieces. 

I dumped a whole bag into a 5 gallon bucket, and added water
to wash it. Mistake! It worked much better to wash 4 cups
at a time in a small bucket. The first washing was very 
muddy, but it cleared up after 6 or so washings. Needless to
say, it took awhile to wash two bags of gravel. Two bags 
was just alittle short for my 36in x 10in tank, 3 bags would
have been too much. Each bag is 427 cubic inches. 

Adding the gravel to the tank created cloudiness, but it
cleared overnight.

The gravel is much lighter than normal gravel. This makes
it easier to plant plants with large root balls. Maybe the
roots will root easier in a lighter gravel. 

Stirring up the gravel in the tank did not create more

One bad thing about this gravel is that the shipping costs 
almost as much as the gravel itself!

I'll keep everybody posted on my luck with this substrate.

Sherlock Wong
Irvine, CA
wong at dt_wdc.com