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Indentifiying liverwort

Hello, I was wondering if I might get some help identifying a liverwort. 
I've got a number of aquatic plant books and this doesn't seem to be in any 
of them, at least not as a photo. I was looking in the Rataj book and saw it 
does mention a family of liverwort other then fluitans called Ricciaceae, 
unfortunatly it doesn't give a photo. 

Mine has tiny lacy leaves, much smaller but somewhat similar to the leaves 
of a windolov fern in shape. It is a very nice dark green and grows in 
bunches similar to riccia. It seems to like wood in the tank and will cling 
a bit to wood or rocks and to each other. It stays on the bottom of the tank 
and doesn't float. I got mine in a somewhat unusual way. I was at someones 
house and saw it in their tank. They told me it just started growing out of 
a piece of store bought wood that they placed in the tank. I of course had 
to ask for a piece. It grows rather slowly, and seems to like pretty dim 

Anyone have any ideas?


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