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 Roger Miller wrote:
> Unless your yeast batch is actually clarifying, then it should still be
> producing CO2 well after one week.  When I hear this story I always
> suspect a leak.

Thanks Roger for the suggestions.  I really don't think my problems are
related to leaks. I have been alternating between two bottles and there are
no signs of leaks.  When the CO2 stops after about a week or two, I can
gently push in on the sides of the bottles and what gases are inside are
easily dispelled through the tube into the aquarium.

You suggested that the yeast mixture could be contaminated. That could be a
possibility and I will be more careful to control that part of the
procedure to see if it makes a difference.  

BTW, has anyone experimented with how many 2L bottles of mixture are needed
for a moderately planted 110g FW aquarium, or are there just too many
variable to be able to predict that?


Ken Guin
Kenguin at erols_com