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Photography and tanks

>>Anyway, what I really want to know is not what happened but how to take a
>>picture correctly. I figured that it would probably be best to do it at
>>night with all the lights out exept the tanks (cover the flash maybe) but
>>I'm not sure if that will do it.

Taking the "cue" from Mr. Amano of ADA fame,i was fortunate,recently.to
have observed him at work,taking some of his superb photographs.
Although,his is the professional way of doing things,i guess some of these
technique could be used ,if at all po$$ible,by the "non-professional". ;-)

What he had were synchronized flashes (about 3-4 individual flashes for a
4ft. tank) mounted ABOVE the "model" tank. In addition,there were another 2
more of those synchronized flashes mounted at the rear of the tank too.
I'm an amateur who uses ONLY auto focus,so i won't go into the details of
the make of the flashes nor the type of custom made camera Mr. Amano uses!
:-P Also,because,i just simply DON'T KNOW :-P

Anyway,the camera was set about 3-4 feet away from the tank,after which
when he hits the shutter button,the flashes were so tremendous (to the
fishes at least!) that for that frozen moment,the WHOLE tank just goes
almost WHITE (holy Moses!!).
So when Matu mentioned that he took his tank with bright lights and all,u
can see why it came up dark after developing the photos. :-( Coz it has to
be "super bright" to come up looking "normal" in the photo.

Anyway,the after effects were interesting in that all the fishes usually
DIVE down for cover the moment the flashes hit. Some remain down,stunned
for the moment.I saw an Otocinclus dive,almost into the substrate!! :-o
Poor guy!

Looking at this,u'd see why actors/actresses,models etc doing photo shoots
have their facial make up extra heavy,so with the bright flashes,they look
"normal" ;-) Not to say that the pple at ADA make up their fishes b4 the
shoot.... :-P

Another area learnt is that the flashes come from above and behind the
tank,thus u don't get that glass reflection u mentioned about. :-)

Hope this helps....hmm...now u'd need to buy a detachable flash gun to go
with your camera,then a camera stand...now u'd need a better camera,better
lenses........now u have a NEW hobby....photography!!! :-O