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Re: Isoetes japonica

     >Does anyone have experience growing Isoetes japonica?  I am thinking 
     >of trying this species out and am wondering the following:
     >    1.  Does it need any special conditions beyond CO2 injection, pH 
     >around neutral, soft water, temps around 78 degrees F?
     >      2.  How fast/slow does it grow?  If one buys a plant about 1" 
     >square at the base and 12" tall, how long until it puts out longer 
     >leaves and becomes broader at the base?
     I have Isoetes sp. that I haven't identified.  It is a central Texas 
     native, but that doesn't exactly narrow it down.
     Mine is in moderately hard water (120 ppm CaCO3), pH 6.8 (CO2 
     injected), temp 75-80 F, soil/vermiculite substrate and PMDD.
     It grows VERY slowly.  Mine has not grown any taller (~12"), but has 
     gotten bushier in the past 6 months (perhaps a 25% increase in 
     "bushiness").  In contrast, all my other plants have at least doubled 
     their biomass in the same time period.
     I really enjoy this unusual-looking plant, and the fact that it 
     doesn't require regular pruning and doesn't try to take over the 
     aquarium makes it even more attractive to me.  It's a very well 
     behaved plant.
     Kind regards,