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Re: triton reflectors or the like

> Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 08:33:47 GMT
> From: mike at microspan_com (Mike Roberts)
> Does anyone have the measurements with the angles of the bends on the
> 'Triton Reflectors' that are meant for one fluorescent tube?  Barring
> that does anyone have a good source of info for making DIY reflectors.

I have some but I don't think they are worth copying. You could
probably do better with a pencil and paper and some "ray tracing".
Draw your bulbs to scale and draw light rays coming from the center of
the tubes in all directions. Design the reflector such that the rays
reflect towards the water. Remember that light reflects at the same
angle that it hits the reflector but in the opposite direction. I
would think something in a W shape is better than the Triton's U
shape. Work on getting light out from behind and between the bulbs. 

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> 8ft tubes are hard to find reflectors for except for standard shop
> light fixtures and by my calculations I wouldn't be able to get enough
> tubes in my hood with that setup.

Have you considered 4' bulbs?  You would have to buy more ballasts
initially, but might save money in the long run on cheaper bulbs and
you would definitely have a better selection of bulb types.  8' bulbs
are being phased out and may be harder to find in the future.