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I am not having as much success with my DIY CO2 system as some others seem
to be having.  I am using the usual 2L bottle with 3/4 cups of sugar and
1/2 tsp of yeast.   No matter what I do, the system seems to function fine
for about a week or two and then stops.  I have seen where some have
claimed to have theirs going for months. What could I be doing wrong.

Some facts regarding what I have tried:

1) an output of nothing but an airline tube (into a DIY reactor);
2) a "glass" airstone on the airline output tube
3) more sugar
4) less sugar
5) more head space
6) less head space
7) more yeast
8) less yeast

Any suggestions regarding how I can prolong the CO2 output would be greatly

Ken Guin
kenguin at erols_com