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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #934

Hi all,
	I have two problems in my FW tank.  The first is that the Water
Sprite I purchased two weeks ago won't stay in the gravel.  The stem rots
off and the rest of the plant just floats to the surface.  I'm guessing
the problem might be that the water sprite was floating in the aquarium
store's tank and that water sprite has some difficulty in adjusting
between the rooted and the free-floating form.  Is this a valid opinion?  
	The second problem is the Hygrophilia polysperma, which loses its
lower leaves gradually from the bottom up.  The top of the plant is
growing fine and so is the rotala indica.  I read a while ago that H.
polysperma might lose its leaves if the water is too soft.  However, the
water I use comes out of the tap except for addition of SeaChem Acid
buffer to bring the pH close to 7.0.