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MH vs FL

>>GB MH are much brighter and more efficient than FL.

>EO Actually, though they are "brighter" per bulb, their efficiency is the
>EO same or lower than fluorescents, depending on the bulb and ballast.  The
>EO most cheap and efficient setup still seems to be the T-8... $25 for a
>EO 4-tube ballast, and $4-6 per tube at a commercial lighting distributor =
>EO under $50 for a setup that can do quite well for a 55 gallon tank.
>EO And, as was reported by Karen & others a few months back, Sylvania now has
>EO 6500K T-8's!

While on the subject of fluorescents...  After studying the Grainger catalog the
following seems to hold true for the 8ft bulbs in the 5000k range.

- HO (High Output) is as efficient as NO (Normal Output) in LPW (Lumens/watt)

- HO is cheaper because:
     You need less ballasts
     The bulb life is longer
     You need less tubes

- 8ft is more efficient and cheaper than 4ft tubes (if they can fit)

Note:  This is comparing SPX50 GE tubes in 8ft vs 4ft and HO vs NO

Any comments on the above?

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