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Re: Nutrients in Substrate or Water?

A M Moore asks...

>What is the general feeling of the group regarding nutrients in a fully
>planted aquarium - PMDD to be added to the water daily, rich substrate only
>OR both ??

It depends upon the species being kept. Echinodorus and maybe hygro sp.
seem to do well in a rich substrate, with or without PMDD. I haven't
found this to be the case with many stem plants, such as rotala
wallachii, r. macrandra, ludwigia x repens, eusteralis stellata etc.,
with take off when PMDD is added. I'm experimenting with rich
substrates at the moment. I'd go with both in most cases.

>I have a major problem with small brown holes developing on the leaves of my
>broad leaved plants eg. swords etc.
>They start off very small and develop into much larger holes ruining the
>plants. My tank is fairly hi-tech with CO2, PMDD, undergravel heating cables

I'd guess the common potassium deficit. If they were tears, I'd blame the

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca