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Eclipse and CO2

Hi everyone, thanks for all the advice on tiny plant tanks, some of the
ones you guys have set up are gorgeous! In two weeks when I get paid,
I'm gonna go get me some plants! I'll look into the Duetto, sounds
Here's another question for you. I have set up a DIY CO2 injection on my
25 gallon goldfish tank and am not having good results. I can see
bubbles in the airline, and if I shake the solution, they rush up to the
tank, but they don't seem to get to it very well otherwise, and
certainly I'm not getting a fine stream from the airstone, even when the
solution is new. Should I try reinforcing the silcon seal? The soda
bottle is on the floor, and I can't get it any higher without actually
sitting it on top of the tank, which would be a little silly looking, as
well as dangerous! Right now I've got the airline coming into the tank
and under an overturned cup, but I'm not seeing any real growth spurts
on the plants, and my ph hasn't dropped a bit. I wonder if my CO2 is
entering the water at all? The filtration system is an Eclipse, and I
can't really put the tubing into the uptake tube as you would with an
aquaclear or other power filter, so I was wondering, can I put it into
the flow from the uptake tube where it cascades over the filter media?
It churns a bit there and I think it would break the CO2 up better. Is
there any other reason anyone can think of that this just doesn't seem
to do any good? The lighting on my tank is rather minimal (due to the
nature of the Eclipse hood), but the plants seem ok, if not lush. Still,
I'd like lush! Any advice? I know I'm not explaining this all that
well...and I'm not scientifically inclined, but I know I might not be
getting the results I want because the lighting is too low (30 watts on
the 25 gallon) to require supplimental CO2...help!