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I have grown both hairgrass bought in a store and some wild collected from 
here in California, both with success.  The species is Eleocharis 
acicularis and indeed it varies in height from about 2" to about 6" tall.

I just planted the bunches without breaking them up much, as you did.  Some 
leaves indeed turned brown in the beginning, but I also noticed some new 
growth almost at the same time as the "browning."  I think it's normal for 
some leaves to die, especially in wild collected plants.  This plant 
propagates vegetatively by runners, and mine have indeed spread, though not 
so fast to be a problem.

Tank conditions are: high light (it seems higher light results in shorter 
growth; this is just an observation though), CO2 injection between 
15-30ppm, depending on which tank, ph=6.8, R/O water with additives, Dupla 
fertilizers, KH=2-5.

In summary, I wouldn't worry about the brown leaves; I think your plants 
will recover; be patient.

Roxanne Bittman

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