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banana plant troubles

have a 10g FW community tank w/4 neons, 2 kuhli loaches, 2 yo-yo 
loaches , 2 red-tailed sharks, a male swordtail, a zebra danio, and a 
brilliant rasbora.  Am trying to grow 2 banana plants (nymphoides 
aquatica) .. when first planted, both lost all leaves as 
expected...once acclimated both started growing rapidly and then 
dying off in cycles .. i started adding a fertilizer mix (basically 
poor man's dupla drops) made @ work (5mL 2x a week) .. for 3 months 
had explosive growth .. now however, soon after surface leaves appear 
they rot from the edges in ... NH4, NO3 acceptable, pH 7.0 ..  are 
these plants heavily dependent on calcium (that's the only thing 
that's not in my fertilizer that's a macronutrient)...HELP!
Shawn Keslar, Chemist
Nat'l Res. Ctr. for Coal and Energy
Analytical Laboratory
PO Box 6064
Morgantown WV 26506-6064
304 293 2867 x 5472
FAX 304 293 3749
skeslar at wvu_edu