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I got some hairgrass a couple of months ago and put it in my tank (55
gallons, laterite substrate, 160w light 8-10hrs a day, CO2 fertilization,
PMDD). It's put out a few runners but is gradually turning brown (especially
the inside portions) and has a fair amount of brush and filamentous algae on
it (unlike the other plants, which are all growing well). It's still
basically the same height it was when I got it (4-5 inches or so), although I
assume this is about as tall as it usually gets. I planted it as one big
closely packed mass, which is how I've seen it in books and how it was sold
to me. Is hairgrass a difficult plant to grow? I don't seem to see it
mentioned too often on the list. Am I doing anything obviously wrong?

Thanks for any help,