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Karen's School Project

I had forgotten Karen Randall has been working with her kid's school for
awhile now on planted tank projects.  I do remember her mentioning she had
gotten the teacher hooked but I did not know she was attempting to pass
along her addiction to the entire school.

When I lived in Minnesota I also sat up a tank for my son's class, not
planted alas, and they all very much enjoyed it and as a direct result
three kids had tanks when I left.  (Hey that's a significant statistical
result in a town of only 1500. <g>)

When I saw her post I remembered not only what she has been doing with her
school, but also what she has done for APD and the planted tank hobby over
the years.  I've known Karen for a long time and in this crazy cyberspace
world she is one person I would trust and would sure trust her judgement.

Therefore I have grabbed three of the FISHNET members, Walt Davis and Art
Giacosa (well Art doesn't yet know he agreed but I know he will <g>) and I
are going to each send Darin at The Aquatic Greenhouse $20.00.  Darin has
also agreed to contribute as well.  I'd like to encourage you that have an
extra 20 bucks in your pocket, who remember all the things Karen has done
over the years to give him a call and make the same contribution for a
aquatic plant fund for her school project.  Darin will collect the funds
and make sure she gets the plants.  He can be reached at 813-035-8318 or by
email at TAG at mail_serve.com or on his Website or the snail mail address for
checks is PO Box 271562, Tampa Fl 33618.

We all buy candy for schools even though most of it is terrible (I am
excluding Girl Scout Cookies though, they most certainly are not terrible.
<g>) so why not help out a school project that promotes this hobby and
supports someone many of us know.

Or alternately, and I'm sure Karen would agree, do the same thing for your
kid's school.