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Re: DIY Dupla CO2 indicator

>George wrote:
>> The CO2 indicator is showing the pH of the water vapor entering the
>> body of the indicator.  The body contains a liquid indicator that
>> changes color around pH 7 (bromthymol blue ?)
>Hi All,
>Apparently the Dupla CO2 indicator is a fairly simple device.  Did somebody
>ever try to conctruct a similar device oneself ?
>Christian Breckpot

Hello Christian,

A DIY CO2 indicator is always possible, but the Dupla CO2 permanent test is the most readable I have ever seen. More than the JBL or EHEIM ones. It is not really expensive - about $20 - and it is really nice in an aquarium. You won't have the same appearance with a DIY CO2 indicator, and you won't have the same precision. If you want to to try a DIY CO2 indicator, good luck ! But I know, by experience that it is impossible to do best products that the Dupla ones.

I know somebody who tried to copy the CO2 reaktor S of Dupla. Yes it works, but mine (the real Dupla)  better mixes water and CO2. That's all :-)

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