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Re: my tiny tank (some more)

Thanks for all the great advice! I figured out my grassy plant from my
bigger tank is probably lilaepsis. Though it was labeled as a pygmy
sword, I don't think it is. I think the suggestions on smaller filters
were right on -- in my zest for gadgets, I'd totally forgotten what
plants in a tank actually do for water quality (I guess cycling the
thing 20 times an hour might be overkill :)). I think a florescent lamp
would work, since the tank has a little plastic cover that is
independant of the light. Danios are notorious jumpers, so I want to be
careful. I will check a lamp out, but just in case that's not practical,
any thoughts out there on those "full spectrum" incandescents? Or the
"plant lights" that are like dark blue spot lights? I'd sure love to use
my light hood, it'd be a lot easier and cheaper (cheap being the
operative word here!)