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Maracyn for algea?

I have a 180 gallon heavily planted (java fern, vals, swords, crypts) tank
with seven discus, 11 neons, corys, SAE's, Ottos.  PH around 6.8, temp 82,
I use tap water (PH 8.5 and hard) with Seachem's Acid Buffer and CO2
injection.  Aside from an outbreak of hair algea (which the Siamese Algea
Eaters took care of handily) there have been remarkably few problems, until
now.  I have what I assume to be an algea problem.  Almost black fetid
slimy to chalky crap that forms something like a skin over leaves,
driftwood and gravel.  I am daily siphoning it off, but can barely keep up
with it.  Someone recommended Maracyn at half the usual dosage for this.  I
am reluctant to use such measures.  Does anyone have any advice?