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FUNKY new light!¡! :)

Hey all,

I posted a question last week, but received no reponses!  I assume that was
because I rambled!  Well this message iz SIMPLE and EXCITING!!!  YEAHHH!  I
already got me some light bulbs for my fishies and planties!  WoO0o0oo!  B-)
AND, they BE a couple Chroma 50's and a GE PLANT AND AQUARIUM BULB, DuDeZ!
BUT I gotz me one more place for a bulb!  NOW for the SIMPLE questions!

1.)  Am I of the BEINGNESS for more plant lights?  I want Swordplanties!
2.)  If answer to #1 is KNOW, I want FUNKY light bulb to make neons _GLOW_!
Which is best...Chroma 75, da bomb kool funky ACTINIC BULB, a blacklight, or
a daylight ultra bulb???

Thanks all!  And I sincerely apologise for the annoying manner in which I
wrote this letter.  Just had to make it stand out from the influx of other
lighting questions!