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Re:Cheap, strong light?

Frank I. Reiter wrote;

>Browsing through a hardware store yesterday, I came across some 
>lights and suddenly realized that I have never heard any mention of 
>ying them over an aquarium.  With there being no expensive, bulky, 
>ballasts, and with 500W bulbs costing $4.00, somebody must have tried 

Halogen lamps are a very poor choice for aquarium lighting.  They are 
incandescent lamps that operate at a higher filament temperature than 
normal incandescent lamps giving them a little better lighting 
efficiency.  They still will be less than 20 lumens/watt while 80 
lumens/watt is typical for fluorescent lamps.

>Does anybody know anything about the spectrum that these things put 
out, or
>failing that, how I could find out?

More than 90% of the spectrum is in the infrared region, better known 
as heat which won't do much for growing your plants.

BTW Osram Sylvania is producing a 67W compact fluorescent for a new 
design of a torchiere lamp. (GE is also planning to introduce one). 
 These are the floor lamps that currently use 300 and 500W halogen 
lamps. Perhaps these could be a source of lower cost aquarium