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Cheap, strong light?

Browsing through a hardware store yesterday, I came across some halogen
lights and suddenly realized that I have never heard any mention of anybody
trying them over an aquarium.  With there being no expensive, bulky, noisy
ballasts, and with 500W bulbs costing $4.00, somebody must have tried them.

I am considering a large new tank as a divider between rooms.  The ceiling
is a little lower than average over the area where to tank would be, and it
occurs to me that a row of recessed, 75W halogen lights above the tank
might look very nice.

Does anybody know anything about the spectrum that these things put out, or
failing that, how I could find out?

The very act of seeking sets something in motion to meet us;
something in the universe, or in the unconscious responds as if
to an invitation.  - Jean Shinoda Bolen