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Wood Shrimp in planted tank with apistos?

In a few days I am moving, but I am thinking of how I plant to
setup some new tanks when I do settle in. I'd like
to do a nice planted 20gallon for breeding apistos. I hate
bcuk naked breeding tanks. Looks ugly. So I was thinkg a male and female
apisto in a 20g, with a wood shrimp. Why the wood shrimp? I dunno, 
they look neat and would not mine giving one a shot. Here is my question.
Does anyone have any experience keeping this shrimp?? How about
keeping them with apistos?? I do not know the latin name for these
guys, but they are 10bucks a pop, so i was curious. no way my fish are
eating shrimp before I do!! ;)

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