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Re: seed pods

>From: adeana bishop <abishop at aries_scs.uiuc.edu>

>Can anyone identify what appear to be seed pods that float to the top of
>my tank?  They are green, ~3/8" long, ~3/16" wide, bell shaped with
>four points at the end where the flower would be......................

>I can't find them attached  to anything, so I have no idea where they are
>coming from.  I have various hygrophila, rotala, and ludwigia sp. along
>with bacopa and egeria naja.  An exact list of plants is at my website
I looked at your website (It took a long time to download!) and saw that
you have Aponogeton crispus.  My guess is that these things are A. crispus
seeds.  they will float for a day or so, and then lose a water-repellant
sheath and fall to the bottom and immediately start to grow.  All they need
to do is get their roots into a sand or gravel substrate (with a little
soil or laterite underneath) and they will grow to full size.  It is fairly
easy to get them started.  All they have to do is get one root in the
substrate, and they can somehow pull themselves down to the correct
planting depth.

Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS  39174, in
warmer Jackson, Mississippi, where summer has also returned.