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Re: Surface c

>Thank you to the two people who suggested surface skimming.  As I
>understand it, the idea is simply to have the intake of a filter very near
>to the surface of the water.
>This morning I setup my Vortex Diatom filter with the intake about 1/2 inch
>below the surface of the water.  Several hours later I can see no
>noticeable improvement.  I'll leave it running all day to see if anything
>useful happens.
>This surface scum problem sounds like one that might be cured by a protein
>skimmer, but my understanding is that a protein skimmer would drive out the
>CO2 I have so carefully added to my water.  Am I correct about that?

Frank, listen to me and your problem will be solved forever ! Buy a EHEIM 3535 Surface Suction Extractor. It's really easy to adapt it in place of your filter intake, or to add it to your existing intake. You will be really astonished by the way this little apparatus works. I think that all the aquarium might be equiped with such a surface extarctor. It is cheap and it's impossible to do better by a DIY apparatus.

If you buy one, and your Surface scum dissapear, please, write to me and I will be very pleased... :-)


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